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Cambrian Routes Limited arrive as guests - leave as friends

Some kind words that help make it all worthwhile

Thanks so much for doing such a nice job with our clients. I spoke to them yesterday and they told me how pleased they were with the trip.

(And particularly amazed that you found them at the train station I may add!)

Katherine Lancy 2004

I really enjoyed my tour with Cambrian Routes guide, Peter Davies.  What I liked most was the flexible itinerary and Peter is a great conversationalist, even if he is part mountain goat, so there is never a dull moment

Darla Bruna 2004

I can't praise Peter and Evie enough. This was a trip of a lifetime. At least for me, the family genealogist. We walked where my ancestors walked. I saw the church where they were married. I saw the cemetery where they were buried. Peter and Evie made it even more special, telling what it was like in the time period that they lived. Telling us about Wales. The culture.  We learned so much more than if we had just gone by ourselves without a guide

Even though Peter and Evie had made up a schedule ahead of time on when and where we would go, they were happy to make changes if we wanted to. Towards the end of the week, the family mentioned that we would like to see a castle. Peter rearranged the schedule to allow time for us to visit one while we were there.

Peter and Evie did a fantastic job! Besides driving us everywhere (we had talked about renting a car and one of us driving. Shudder. Those lanes are so tiny AND the whole country drives on the wrong side of the road!

Roxanne Infante 2004


The ladies called today and they had a FABULOUS time and they really enjoyed Peter (you).   They loved revisiting Ruthin and liked the inns.  So, I shall be contacting you with my next Wales destination travellers

Roxie Seales Acacia Travel 2005

We really appreciate the great tour and the time you took to find the addresses.  We had a lovely time in Wales and will hope to return before too long.  We will certainly encourage others to travel there as well, and to recommend your outstanding service to them

David A. Peach 2006

Hello Peter and Eve

The tour went very well, all clients are satisfied

Lea Bastijns 2006

I have had the good fortune to have travelled with Peter twice. The first time was in 2005 when he escorted me and my brother, as well as our dad and stepmom all around Wales. We enjoyed that experience so much that we took another family trip with Peter in 2007 to Ireland - and this time we brought spouses and kids along for a somewhat more challenging total of 8 of us.

In each case, Peter secured first rate accommodations and meals, and he ensured that we had comfortable transportation. He worked with us to plan an itinerary but was flexible and gracious enough to accommodate any last minute changes that we made. We all found Peter to be an extremely knowledgeable guide and a very personable one.

I have travelled many times to Europe, both independently and with tour groups, and I would definitely say that travelling with Cambrian Routes is by far the best way to experience a new place and get the most out of your vacation. All of us, novice and experienced travellers alike, were very happy with Peter and Cambrian Routes.

Alison O'Brien 2007

I know that you are our MAN when it comes to Ireland/UK trips, and I have already mentioned it to a few people.

Judith E. Williams 2012

We still talk about our great trip to Wales. Hope all is well with you, and that you have a great 2008.

Ann and Dick Pettijohn 2007

We hired Peter to take us on a 10 trip thru Wales last May. First let me say that we have travelled quite a lot. We have been to Italy, Greece, Ireland, Wales, England as well as many states in the US. My daughter and I researched tour companies in Wales for this family trip and finally settled on Peter after checking on his references and deciding that he offered what we were looking for.

We wanted a slow pace and we wanted to see family on the way. Once we decided to go with Peter, he and I emailed back and forth and worked out a day by day tour that took us exactly where we wanted to go.

We worked in one day of visiting a long lost cousin, visiting the graveyard and church of our ancestors. Peter had researched the directions and had it all ready to go for us. We had a fantastic holiday with Peter. In fact, I know my whole family agrees that it was the best holiday of our lives.

The hotels were great, all included breakfast. We were left in the evenings to relax or walk around the small towns which we loved doing. It was the perfect combination of structure and free time

We are hoping to go back next year or 2015 to tour Ireland and Scotland and it most definitely will be with Peter

The Powell Family 2012

Most of what has stayed with me is Wales.  You were a wonderful travel guide and it was delightful being; under your expert guidance.  Thanks for a great trip! Hope the remainder of your summer has been worthwhile, Peace

Diana DiMara 2013

Peter, no matter that we had a cold and were not always up to snuff, we completely enjoyed the trip. I think my pictures and those of others will capture that nicely. I miss Ireland and you all David, Mary and you and now my mom. Back to work we all go but alas with wonderful memories

Kirby Morrow 2013

We thank you both once again for the lovely time we had with you and wish you well for the coming season. Be assured we would love to do another trip with you

David & Mary McLaren 2013

amazing trip in Wales.   I’m in the process of putting together a ‘movie’ from still photographs that Ken took, I’m adding music and some commentary.  I had to look long and hard to get some “duelling banjo” music to go with the Cilrhyden photos...haha

Maryann and Ken Hughes 2013

Think of you so often, and wish we were back there doing more exploring with you.

Phyllis Murdoch 2014

Wonderful trip and thank you for all your planning and efforts! It was an unforgettable experience. Really enjoyed Peter.


Jodi and Brad Jones 2014

What a wonderful time!! It was a chance of a lifetime and I am so happy I was able to do it. Peter was very knowledgeable in all fields, or at least he made us think that! HA He had done his homework on all the sites and genealogy areas. Even had some facts about the family we did not know. He was a good driver and I was glad he was behind the wheel. There were small roads, driving on the left side, fast drivers and many back roads. He made it feel like we had no time constraints, but somehow kept us on time, arriving back at our hotels around 5 or 5:30 each evening.  The hotels(castles) were fun. Each one was so different and had so much history. The people were so nice and so willing to help us out in anyway.  We had a such a great time.



Roxie and Rachel 2014

We had a great time. Everyone was very satisfied with the trip all the way around! We were all sad to come home and are missing our full Welsh breakfasts and being together!! 

I've emailed Peter, inquiring for the the family information he collected.  He was great! 



Elaine Hegerle 2014

Hi Peter,   thanks so much for the email I actually only spoke with Veronica today she got hit pretty bad with Jet lag coming home & only just starting to feel human again. 

She had nothing but praise for your services, there was nothing you couldn’t or wouldn’t do for them & they actually wished they had you for the entire holiday they enjoyed it so much.  So a fabulous report & thank you so much for looking after them

Best wishes for the rest of the year & I will most definitely send more happy clients your way


Debbie Trewavis 2014